Frequently asked questions

You can upload files up to 1024 megabyte.
The simultaneous number of downloadable files is 50 at a time. The total amount of files is not limited.
You can download files in unlimited number of streams, with unlimited speed. Download speed is also not limited.
Link lifetime is not limited.
More information can be found in user agreement.
Files are automatically deleted no earlier than the time set by the owner: until 30 days.
However, according to user agreement, we reserve the right to delete files at any time, as well as change the storage conditions.
Locked files are automatically deleted during the day.
We do not limit the speed and number of connections.
Our servers are located in the Moscow data center, and the farther you are, the more providers can limit the speed.
We cannot influence the peering relationships of providers, but we want to do everything possible to speed up the download of files.
No, files are erased from the hard disk on the day of removal and cannot be restored.
Yes, backups are created automatically every day.
But we still recommend that you keep copies of the files and be ready to restore them.
Try to refresh the page and clear the browser cache (Ctrl + F5).
Stop all download managers and wait a couple of minutes.
If the problem persists, send an email to feedback, indicating your ip-address and a link to an unavailable file.
The administration does not have such information.
However, in the descriptions and comments to the file, users often leave links to sites where you can find the password.
The preview is generated automatically after the file is downloaded.
A preview is created for media files, documents, archives, and other file formats.
Administration is not responsible for user content.
If you are the copyright holder, report a violation of the User Agreement.